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The funny thing about free hookups and hookup sites is that they can get really crazy, really quickly. I remember the first time a buddy of mine got into free hookups, I thought he was telling me some sort of script from the most recent porn video that he watched. I mean, it sounded really crazy! I thought it was just a figment of his imagination. I was ready to recommend that he write down all these stories and turn it into a book that would probably sell millions of dollars. There are a lot of horny guys out there that would love to believe these stories. But anyway, I let him talk and he was telling me that the last time that he hooked up using websites that deliver free hook-ups , two chicks showed up.

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You see, the kind of women that hang out on those websites are free-spirits. They’re not conservative, pent-up, pressed, and really unhappy people. They basically let it all hang out, but play it safe. A lot of them are not crazy, a lot of them have jobs, a lot of them have otherwise happy families, but they just realize that sex is a healthy part of the human condition. And it really blows my mind that a lot of people have a dirty impression of websites that offer free hookups. No! There’s nothing wrong about it if you have the right mindset. If you have the right values and you know what you’re doing and you play the game safely, why not? Go for it!

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Usually when people think about sex hook ups, they think of it as if it’s a unicorn. They think that it is so preposterous and so outlandish that you might as well chase unicorns. I really feel bad for people that think that way. They let their cynicism get the best of them. You see, if you want to achieve any kind of goal in this life, the first step is to believe. That’s right, if you want to achieve, you have to believe.


Regardless of whether we’re talking about your career, your relationships, developing a better body or getting fit, you have to first believe. Many people who dismiss sex hook ups fail to get laid. Why? They’ve pretty much given up on their sex life. They’ve pretty much given up on their ability to draw members of the opposite sex.


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