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Month: February, 2019

Boobies That Make You Say Mama

I absolutely love big tits. I’m a sucker for a hot babe with some big old titties. Any time I’m mad at my girl, all she has to do is show me her boobs, and I forget what we were even fighting about. When I first meet a woman, her rack is what I notice about her. Hell, even when I’m talking to my buddies, I describe woman by their breasts. For example, the other day I was telling a story about this chick that works at the grocery store by my house, and when I described her as a blonde my friends had no idea who I was talking about, but when I said the chick with the great big titties, they all knew exactly who I was referring to.

When I watch porn, I want to see juicy big tits porn. Not girls with flat racks or even just a handful. I want to see ginormous titties in full bloom bouncing around like balloons. I want to see bitches get bent over and their melons swaying back and forth.