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Month: June, 2018

Happy Days with BBW Girls

Gone are the days of the fashion world with their stick figure runway models creating a perception within society that girls are meant to look like that and setting an unrealistic standard upon women which can only be achieved with immense amount of effort in the gym and rigid never ending diets.

And even then it was not realistically attainable by everyone.

How many people have gotten stinking rich from coming up with yet another ‘miracle’ diet and selling their formula to the masses. How many women must have felt the pain of being ostracised by this cruelty.

More recently there has been a complete turnaround, one that has come from the masses themselves and I am very happy that particularly men have called bullshit on all of that.

Women are naturally curvy, they are like that by design and without boring you with the biological facts of the matter I am more than happy to simply celebrate the beauty that is women naturally.

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