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Month: April, 2019

It’s Chunky Steampunk Girl!

She’s so cute and with that angelic face of hers you’d hardly expect she can be this naughty.

I had a friend when I was much younger who also had a couple extra pounds. She was really quiet and seldom said anything even though she enjoyed our group of friend’s company. Whenever she said something it would be short and to the point and she never really wasted words.

We were teens still and image was everything at that time and because she was that quiet nobody really paid all that attention to her. We liked her, she was our friend, don’t misunderstand, but she was just never in the spotlight, especially as romances intertwined and changed, you know how it goes.

And then one day she caught my attention, I think it was just her quiet intelligence that eventually got through to me and that she was just consistently sweet and kind. Did I get a surprise when things led to sex. She was an absolute minx in bed.

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