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That’s Fine by Me

I’m pretty sure that’s not the way you should be applying your lipstick but the way she’s doing it is just fine by me.

There’s a lot of salmon shades in that pic isn’t there? So much so that you could probably only get away with it in an angling magazine or on a porn site so we should be all good on that account too.

I recently saw an old friend i had not seen in almost a decade and he had a new girlfriend. The last time I saw him he was married. His new girlfriend was just as chunky as his ex wife and they are both just as plump as the girls on this site.

After a few beers the conversation had to turned to women and sex, like it always does with guys when at one point he very passionately exclaimed that he couldn’t understand why most guys wanted skinny women when you could more woman for the same amount of grief she’s going to give you.

Tough to argue with that.

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It’s Chunky Steampunk Girl!

She’s so cute and with that angelic face of hers you’d hardly expect she can be this naughty.

I had a friend when I was much younger who also had a couple extra pounds. She was really quiet and seldom said anything even though she enjoyed our group of friend’s company. Whenever she said something it would be short and to the point and she never really wasted words.

We were teens still and image was everything at that time and because she was that quiet nobody really paid all that attention to her. We liked her, she was our friend, don’t misunderstand, but she was just never in the spotlight, especially as romances intertwined and changed, you know how it goes.

And then one day she caught my attention, I think it was just her quiet intelligence that eventually got through to me and that she was just consistently sweet and kind. Did I get a surprise when things led to sex. She was an absolute minx in bed.

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Jeff’s Models Also Showcases Teens

It is uncanny how much this girl looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine from many years ago. It’s probably not even a week ago when i was telling someone about seeing this ex-girlfriend of mine recently who I had not seen in more than 10 years.

I was in my very early twenties then and she had just won our city’s miss teen pageant, she was obviously gorgeous. She had an amazing body since she was an athlete and a model with the most incredible long straight dark blonde hair. Then when I saw her again recently she had put on a lot of weight, I mean she certainly weight well in excess of twice she used to if not three times.

This girl has such similar facial features and I bet she was a stunning thin young girl in her early school days. She is still pretty damn beautiful now and for someone who likes BBW’s, she’s a catch.

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Happy Days with BBW Girls

Gone are the days of the fashion world with their stick figure runway models creating a perception within society that girls are meant to look like that and setting an unrealistic standard upon women which can only be achieved with immense amount of effort in the gym and rigid never ending diets.

And even then it was not realistically attainable by everyone.

How many people have gotten stinking rich from coming up with yet another ‘miracle’ diet and selling their formula to the masses. How many women must have felt the pain of being ostracised by this cruelty.

More recently there has been a complete turnaround, one that has come from the masses themselves and I am very happy that particularly men have called bullshit on all of that.

Women are naturally curvy, they are like that by design and without boring you with the biological facts of the matter I am more than happy to simply celebrate the beauty that is women naturally.

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Fuller Figure Babes are the Best

OMFG she is so hot! I bet even if I wasn’t such a fan of the plumper honeys this beauty would score a home run with me, she is simply amazing.

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Let’s be honest though, there is no way you can’t find these honeys a turn on even if your first preference is skinny runway model looking girls.

Angelic faces with plush jugs draping tapered waistlines, chunky thighs and full asses. It’s almost too much think of all at once. I’m going to need a cold shower after this or perhaps just rub one out to lighten the load.

A Reach Around with a Different Spin

Don’t you just love how she has to reach around those massive cock knockers of her to just get a fingertip on her pussy?

She has this look of innocence and sincerity while doing something completely naughty and that great smile of hers just underlines what a fun girl she is. She’s comfortable with herself and loves sex and she’s going to show us just how much.

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